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History of Team Central

Team Central Gymnastic Academy touches the lives of young men and women who have a vision and the passion to turn their dreams into glory. Team Central allows each athlete to stay at home with their families while training to pursue and realize his or her goals. Team Central Gymnastic Academy is good for kids, as it introduces tomorrow's champions to a life altering experience that provides a physical and emotional foundation. Competitive gymnastics teaches leadership, confidence, motivation and teamwork. It instills the discipline of hard work and dedication that being the best requires. The dedicated young men and women of Team Central share a spirit to be champions in their sport and life.

   In 2017, Team Central went to National Championships where our athlete, Melina Lopatin- Level 9, competed at the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic National Championships was Bars Champion. We celebrated 25 years of being "Good for Kids". Team Central was originally created at the Olympia location in Manchester to be a non-for-profit where we could become a national training center, host meets, and help all children-even those with developmental delays and physical challenges. 

   In 2015, we introduced two new programs Ninja and Flipz. Ninja is an obstacle course training with aspects of gymnastics, physical fitness, and tumbling, similar to American Ninja Warrior type athletic runs. Flipz is a revised trampoline and tumbling program which we have had since inception of the business. However, we streamlined skills and created a full certification for staff and rebranding efforts. Team Central had our athlete, Anna Speller-level 9, competed at the  USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic National Championships was Vault Champion. 

    In 2014, Team Central Gymnastics was named Best in Maryland Heights-Gymnastics Program by the Community News and Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce. In the Girls Team Program, we will develop athletes to the highest level of competitive gymnastics that their talent and dedication will allow. We will do this by providing a state of the art training environment and assembling top quality coaches, while allowing athletes to pursue their potential while remaining at home with their families during training.

   In the Girls Team Program, we will produce Elite level gymnasts. Each year, we will consistently produce State and Regional Championship competitors, as well as Junior Olympic National Championship competitors. Our athletes will be able to compete on the collegiate level; many of them on an athletic scholarship. Our teams and training program will be considered one of the top programs in the country. We will differentiate ourselves from other gyms through our commitment that all athletes maintain a healthy balance between their gymnastics accomplishments and other aspects of their lives, including scholastic achievement.

     As a not-for-profit we will generate revenues through creative resources to provide one of the finest facilities and coaching staffs in the country. We, with these financial resources, are committed to compensating our coaches well, providing scholarships to families in need, and assisting higher level athletes with expenses. Through the accomplishment of our vision we will enhance the community by building productive citizens, leaders and role models. We will be recognized in St. Louis as a program for children that is an asset to our community. In 2013-2014 season, Team Central Gymnastics was named Top Junior Olympic Program of the Year in the State of Missouri in conjunction with USA Gymnastics.

     We strive to have a program for all kids to choose from recreational gymnastic classes and events to competative gymnastic. Team Central Gymnastics has a program for children with developmental delays and physical challenges called Cardinal Power Kids. We continuously fundraise to help fund children's programs like these and help high school athletes have a state of the art facility and aide with travel and training for athletes who go to the Junior Olympic National Championships.

     Team Central Gymnastic Academy is also proud members of the Northwest Chamber of Commerce and the Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce. Being involved with the community is vital to our mission's success.

Tax ID No: 43-1671833 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.