1. Keep kids active
  2. Introduce them to a new sport
  3. Learn valuable lessons in taking turns and listening skills needed for life
  4. Work on motor skills, body strength, and flexibility
  5. They have an interest in gymnastics, tumbling or ninja.

Cardinal Power Kids:

For children with developmental delays and physical challenges

Children are getting instructional gymnastics, basic motor skills, class room skills, and having fun while being physical. We create an exciting curriculum for the child to look forward to every week.

Ages: Walking - Kindergarten


Our mission is to build happy, healthy, confident children while creating avenues of success through movement and gymnastics. We teach basics: body positions, rolls, cartwheels; approach to the vaulting techniques, basic walks, jumps and balance positions, support positions and pull-over on the uneven bars and basic jumps on the trampoline. Strength and flexibility are also incorporated.

Ages: 1st grade+


Welcome to the far-out world of Flipz. This tumbling and trampoline program teaches kids how to get airborne and LEAVE THE FLOOR BEHIND!Tumbling is a year-round sport and children may enroll in classes at any time of the year. Flipz! classes are also a great way to crosstrain and improve skills for gymnastics, Ninja, cheerleading, and many other sports. Classes are co-ed.

Ages: 1st grade+


The philosophy behind our Gymnastics program is to encourage children to develop confidence, become aware of capabilities, and strive to their potential. We present skills in a fun atmosphere and have a very specific curriculum using the latest USA Gymnastics guidelines.

Ages: 1st grade+



Why sign up?

Our Kinderbees (Kindergartners) enjoy bigger challenges and more independence than our younger gymnasts, so we make sure to foster these great traits. This class focuses more on skill development and builds on skills such as handstands, cartwheels, bridges and more!

Ages: Kindergarten


Our Ninja Program is available to boys and girls, ages 4-teens, regardless of past experiences. Classes help to build coordination, self-confidence, and strength; particularly upper body strength. Our Ninja program develops physical fitness while enriching self-worth as the students learn new skills in a fun and safe environment. Ninja training is a combination of gymnastics, obstacle course training, and physical fitness.  Classes are co-ed. 

Ages: 4+



This unique modified movement and gymnastics program is developed for children with developmental delays and physical challenges. Our trained staff create a fun, safe and educational environment. Our program develops flexibility, coordination, strength and self-confidence. This dynamic program has received financial support from the St. Louis Cardinals "Cardinals Care" organization, Kirkwood Optimist Club, and other businesses/organizations/ private donors.