This unique modified movement and gymnastics program is developed for children with developmental delays and physical challenges. Our trained staff create a fun, safe and educational environment. Our program develops flexibility, coordination, strength and self-confidence. This dynamic program has received financial support from the St. Louis Cardinals "Cardinals Care" organization, Kirkwood Optimist Club, and other businesses/organizations/ private donors. See testimonies from Ranken-Jordan and Giant Steps. Financial-needs class scholarships are available at this time. Discounted Group Field Trips are also available. See sponsorship for details on donors and sponsorship opportunties. 

  1. Keep kids active
  2. Introduce them to a new sport
  3. Learn valuable lessons in taking turns and listening skills needed for life
  4. Work on motor skills, body strength, and flexibility
  5. They have an interest in gymnastics, tumbling or ninja.

Why sign up?

Our Ninja Program is available to boys and girls, ages 4-teens, regardless of past experiences. Classes help to build coordination, self-confidence, and strength; particularly upper body strength. Our Ninja program develops physical fitness while enriching self-worth as the students learn new skills in a fun and safe environment. Ninja training is a combination of gymnastics, obstacle course training, and physical fitness. Class levels and special events may vary per gym location.


Our Tumble Bee gymnastics classes are designed for girls and boys who have mastered walking through kindergarten. Our curriculum is designed to stimulate learning through fun for each child and to create a healthy and enjoyable experience that your child will look forward to week after week. The curriculum addresses each child's age, developmental stage, and gymnastic ability. Our gymnastics instructors are highly imaginative, well-trained individuals who continually bring knowledge, energy, and fun to the program. Classes are filled with exciting props and colorful equipment that is designed to excite the child’s young mind and body. Girls and Boys are in co-ed classes at this stage. 

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Our tumbling classes are offered for all girls and boys, regardless of past experience. We have exciting classes for every child at every ability level. Upon entering our program, your child's progress is closely monitored by highly trained professionals to assure his/her safety and proper placement into the appropriate class level.

The philosophy behind our Gymnastics program, for both girls and boys, is to encourage children to develop confidence, become aware of capabilities, and strive to their potential. We provide progressions and skills for Beginner gymnasts through level 4. We have a very specific curriculum using the latest USA Gymnastics guidelines and progressions. Gymnastics is one of the most challenging sports in the world, but it is also a stepping-stone to great success in other sports. Many great athletes in several other sports owe their success to a foundation built in gymnastics. Girls and Boys are in separate classes once they are in 1st grade.