We formed as a not-for-profit 501(c) to make sure we were able to give every child the opportunity to participate in gymnastics, tumbling, and ninja training or competitive sports regardless of life status.  In 2019, we had a water heater that burst and caused over $20,000 in damages for flooring, foam, and mats in the bars area of the gym. We also need to get a new water heater to have hot water in the gym. Some of our funding will go towards what the insurance company will not cover. We also help families in need with financial aide, help high school athletes with training and travel to those who qualify for the Junior Olympic National Championships meet, help programs including our Cardinal Power Kids, special need focused, and help making Team Central a state of the art National Championships training facility. 

Corporate Donors

Many companies need to use end of the year Community Relation Action (CRA ) dollars to help local community non-for-profits. Please consider helping Team Central on their mission to being about to help every child have the opportunity to make their dream a reality. Your business would be helping support our team kids, class kids, and our organization.  Consider putting us in your Community Relations Plan  (CRP) for 2019. 


We had a boy in our parkour (now our ninja program) who was on the spectrum for Asperger's and had trouble focusing. He got teased when he was younger for his weight and overall personality. After being with us about 2 years, he began to come out of his shell and communicate more with others. His physical appearance became more slender and strong. He started laughing more and getting along with other kids in the program. It wasn't an easy road, but the thing he valued the most was not the ninja skills or cool flips he could do, but that he was proud of himself and developed a sense of confidence that he never had.

We were able to have a team girl on scholarship for a few years after one of her parents lost their job. It would have been impossible for this family to continue paying tuition when half of their income was depleted. This girl was able to continue on her path of gymnastics while her parents focused on becoming a two income family again. 

Learn more about business sponsorship opportunities with marketing benefits here. 

Individual Donors

High Five Sponsor: $5

Bronze Sponsor: $6-$24

Silver Sponsor: $25-99

Gold Sponsor: $100-249

Platinum Sponsor: $250-$999

Ruby Sponsor: $1,000-1,999

Emerald Sponsor:  $2,000-2,999

Sapphire Sponsor: $3,000-4,999

Diamond Sponsor:  $5,000 or higher

Double your donation: Keep in mind that we also have parents who do Corporate Match programs if you donate, let us know if you need any paperwork from us to help make that happen. 

Any donations that come through this site go directly to fund the Team Central Gymnastic Academy Scholarship Program to offer families the opportunity to apply for financial aide, assist with our Cardinal Power Kids Program, and our National Travel Fund. Cardinal Power Kids is a modified gymnastics and movement program for children with developmental delays and physical challenges. 

2016-2017 Gymnastics Season (August-July)This is a year round sport for training and the meet season runs between October-April each year. Most kids come to class once a week. Our team kids who do competitive meets come to train 3-22 hours per week. These are dedicated children who have a goal for doing their best. They work hard, get good grades, and learn great team building skills to help them later in life. In 2016-2017, we had over $16,000 allocated just for scholarships. 2018-19 Gymnastic Season we were able to allocate $26,000 in financial assistance. 

We were able to help with $2,000 for our Regional Traveling Team to help for athletes who made it to the National Junior Olympic Championships. We were able to lower our class price for all of our Cardinal Power Kids classes, modified movement and gymnastics program for children who have developmental delays and physical challenges,  to help families who may already be spending money on physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, prescriptions, and much more. We also have some Cardinal Power Kids who are on full scholarship. As usual, we hope to raise more for the future.

If you want to donate, please click the Donate button to help our motto to make sure kids are happy, healthy, and confident.  We can give as many scholarships as funds collected. If you have a parent who has lost a job or have a financial need, please contact the office manager to see if we have funds available or to inquire about financial aide. Donations go through PayPal or can be done directly at the gym with cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. 

Other ways for individuals to help:

-Team Central Gymnastic Academy is on the donation list for Boeing employees who want matched donations

-Contact us if you're a Thrivent member and have funds to do an action team or donation

-Make a purchase with our Avon specialist and use Team Central in your first name spot to get a percentage back to the gym.  (ie, first name: JaneTeamCentral)

-Ever shop on Amazon, just type in smile.amazone.com instead and you can have a percentage of your sales go back to Team Central ~~ help us while buying the things you already need

-Volunteer your time for our events

-Ever order flowers? Get your flowers from Walter Knolls and they will donate $2 back to us from every order when you mention Team Central Gymnastic Academy

-Donate cases of water or Gatorade for our events

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