Girls Gymnastics

Children may always choose to stay in gymnastic classes for instruction. Once they have attained Level 1 skills, they can be considered for our USA Gymnastics Xcel Team that competes locally. We have a place for all children whether it is in our class program or competitive based on their skills level, age to skill level, flexibility, strength, behavior, and dedication to sport.  Learn more about the Team Central/ Olympia competitive team structure.

First Grade and up:

Children get to be in these instructional classes based on their individual skill. New 12:10pm class time for 2019-details coming soon!

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What comes after Girls Gymnastics?

The underlying philosophy behind our Girls Gymnastics program is to encourage children to develop confidence, become aware of capabilities and strive to their potential. Our mission is to build happy, healthy, confident children while creating avenues of success through movement and gymnastics.  As of June, they must be going into 1st grade to qualify for this program. This program is based on skill level, not age level. Our Girls Gymnastics Program is available, regardless of past experience. Classes help to build coordination, self confidence and strength, particularly upper body strength. The sport also increases flexibility and kinesthetic awareness. We have exciting classes for every child at every ability level. Gymnastics is one of the most challenging sports in the world, but it is also a stepping stone to great success in other sports. Many great athletes in several other sports owe their success to a foundation built in gymnastics. It is a year round program, billed monthly. 

Our instructors are highly energetic and well-trained individuals, actively involved in the growing world of gymnastics. They bring valuable knowledge to this program, many with their own personal backgrounds as gymnasts. They continually seek updated resources and participate in training clinics and conferences to increase their knowledge as gymnastic professionals. Our instructors range in age from high school through adult, with years of experience working with children. Each of our instructors bring their own personality, knowledge and excellence that will make your child’s class a positive one.

We provided progressions and skills for Beginner gymnasts through Level 3. We have a very specific curriculum using the latest USA Gymnastics guidelines and materials. Our curriculum includes floor exercise, balance beam, uneven bars, vault and basic dance. We review our curriculum each year and make changes according to USA Gymnastics revisions, updates, etc. 

Parent Involvement 
We welcome parents to stay and watch classes. However due to safety precautions we ask that you remain in the lobby or designated areas. Many of our students are dropped off. Please be sure to ask your child for any handouts so that you are informed about our upcoming events. Some of our events may include performances, bring a friend, parent participation and education weeks, parents night out, day camps, clinics and open gym.

​Open Gym
Saturdays we have an 50 minute session for children in the first grade and up, from 12:10-1pm. Parents required to participate with all kids under 3.  JUST $6. Open to the public. Release form required for non-members. 

No open gym on August 3rd for break before fall classes start!