Do I get to go out with in the gym with my child?

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Homeschool-First Grade and up:

Children who are in 1st grade and up with be grouped with similar ages. 

Many home school parents use our Home School classes in Gymnastics and/or Ninja for their child's Physical Education classes. Gymnastics offers overall body fitness, coordination development, and a great mental challenge. Ninja is a fun new sport that incorporates gymnastics, tumbling, obstacle course training, and martial arts. These classes makes for a unique combination that is not easily matched by any other sport. 


50 minute classes 
Rate $61 per month

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Our Home School classes are offered for all children ages 3 and up regardless of past experience. This is a great opportunity for children grouped with other children who are also homeschooled. We have exciting classes for every child at every ability level (including competitive team). 

Our thorough communication with you and your child insures his/her enjoyment and development through the great sport of gymnastics and the all new Ninja program. Our designed freedom of movement through our class levels (students can change classes anytime throughout the year as determined by their instructor) provides you the assurance that your child will be challenged both physically and mentally on a consistent basis. 

Since gymnastics and ninja are a year-round sports, we have made it a point with our programs to be easily accessible to new members at anytime during the year. We have children who come for fun, physical education credit, and others who have gone on to progress to join our Junior Olympic team to do meets around the nation. 

Our instructors and staff are experienced and professional. Our staff participates in continuous training and education in order to better serve your child, including Safety 1 Certification.

Learn more about our gymnastics and ninja programs on their pages. 

You can also talk to our office about doing a private field trip or private class with parents of your choice who want to get their kids together. Minimum of 8 kids to run on-going class or field trips. Many mom's groups and homeschool groups do weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly field trips to incorporate gymnastics into their curriculum. 

Class Registration

Homeschool Preschool:

Children in these instructional classes based on their age-Kindergarten and younger. 


We do ask that parents stay in the lobby for classes. If you set up a field trip you can ask the coordinator if you can set it up to have parents in the gym and what rules there are for being with your child. For field trips we do ask that parents stay with their child(ren) if they are under the ages of 3 years old. 

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