​​​Homeschool Gymnastics:
The philosophy behind our girl's gymnastics program is to encourage children to develop confidence, become aware of capabilities and strive to their potential. Our mission is to build happy, healthy, confident children while creating avenues of success through movement and gymnastics. 

Ages: Boys & Girls 1st grade+

​Class Length: 50 minutes

Class Registration

Many home school parents use our Home School classes in Gymnastics and/or Ninja for their child's Physical Education classes. Gymnastics offers overall body fitness, coordination development, and a great mental challenge. Ninja is a fun new sport that incorporates gymnastics, tumbling, obstacle course training, and martial arts. These classes makes for a unique combination that is not easily matched by any other sport. 

​Homeschool Ninja:

Classes help to build coordination, self-confidence and strength-particularly upper body strength. Our Ninja program develops physical fitness while enriching self-worth as the students learn new skills in a fun and safe environment. Ninja Classes are obstacle course run training with aspects of gymnastics, tumbling, and physical fitness.  Parent's fan favorite is the skill of moving and landing safely from one object to another. 

Ages: Boys & Girls 4-teens

​Class Length: 50 minutes

Class Registration


​​Children will be separated into groups by age. 


50 minute class = $61 per month

​Homeschool Tumble Bees:

Children are getting instructional gymnastics, basic motor skills, class room skills, and having fun while being physical. Instructors teach core skills utilizing progressions; this ensures each child is challenged as an individual. Children are exposed to more variety in each of the five events. As children gain confidence in the gym, we start to refine skills and work toward more technically correct and difficult skills. Progressions are an important part of the coaching

Ages: Boys & Girls 3-Kindergarten

​Class Length: 50 minutes