KinderBee Events:

Special events just for girls and boys enrolled in kindergarten 

Events that also include Kindergarten aged children:

​TumbleBee Open Gyms will continue to be for girls and boys who are 3- Kindergarten. 

​Kid's Night Out will continue to be fore girls and boys who are 3-12 years old (potty independent)

However with the induction of our all new KinderBee program, we will be introducing event that are specifically for Kindergarten children so they can socialize with other Kindergarten children in a safe indoor environment where they can be physically active that is fun and helps develop motor skills, strength to develop Happy, Healthy, and Confident children. 

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Class Registration
Class Registration

All events are set up for children who have no experience to those who have been doing gymnastics since 18 months old. We have something for every child and celebrate the successes of each child's accomplishments.

KinderBee Cartwheel Clinic

Decmber 16



Call or go on-line to sign up for an hour of drills, conditioning, and one-on-one practice for their cartwheels!