Sept-May Kids Day Camps

Available 8-5 pm daily when school is scheduled closed endorsed by schools building children's strength, coordination and self-confidence. Examples, Winter Break, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day and Spring Break. Any school or group can designate a day, we just need a minimum of 8 kids to run.
Summer Camp starts in June!

Daily Camp Dates:
Sept - May 8:00am - 5:00pm

Boys and Girls 5-12 years old
Scheduled Days off of school
Daily Rates per child: $44

Ages: Girls and Boys ages 5-12 years (gymnastic experience not required) 
Non members should turn in a filled out release form.

Children will experience the thrill of gymnastics, creative arts and crafts, contests, obstacle courses, movies and more! Children should bring a sack lunch and a drink to full day camps - we supply snacks and FUN!

Attire: Girls- leotards or shorts & t-shirt,  Boys-shorts & t-shirts. No buckles, no zippers please. 

School Closing Day Camps for 2017-18: 
December 22-Winter Break

December 26-29-Winter Break

January 2-Winter Break

January 15-Martin Luther King Jr.  Day

February 19-President's Day
Parkway, Ladue, Pattonville Spring Breaks

We just need a minimum of 8 kids to run a camp.

Is your school off different days?

Get a group of 8 or more together!


Sign up now by calling 314-291-0101. 

Class Registration

You know your child better than anyone. If you think your child may need a change of clothes, please send with a backpack of what they might need. Also, if your child has any allergies or medication that they need to take, you must tell a camp associate so we can best serve your child. 

School closing day Camp:

For children ages 5-12 years when school is scheduled closed. 

Must have minimum of of 8 to run.


Should I pack extra clothes?

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