Team Central's Guarantee: For first time students, we offer the following guarantee because we believe we have the best children’s program in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. If within your family’s first four weeks of classes you are not entirely happy with our programs, we will happily refund 100% of your tuition for the session (or apply it as credit toward another Team Central program). Note that our money-back guarantee is intended for families whom are brand new to Team Central Gymnastic Academy.
Team Central Monthly Tuition: We bill on a monthly basis. We will pro-rate for new members if they start after the full week of classes is complete. Beginning August 1, 2016, we will also begin our new system of AutoPay. Please read our FAQ about the new AutoPay system or visit our General Policies for more information.

Pricing June 2019-May 2020: 
CLASS TUITION                                                Monthly Rate
30 minutes (Parent/Toddler only)           $39.00

50 minutes (Parent/Toddler only)           $63.00                                                 
50 minutes                                                            $87.00 (most classes are 50 minutes)
80 minutes                                                            $123.00
2 kids/ one  50-minutes                                 $156.50
2 times/ week at 50-minutes                      $156.50
Registration and Payment Information
Full payment by check, cash, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover with registration in person, online or by mail (please DO NOT mail cash). Once you are registered, you will be enrolled into our AutoPay system to pay for your monthly classes. AutoPay will charge your credit card that is on file each month on the last business day of that month. You will receive an email reminder one week prior to your card being charged. We do not send confirmation of class times. An online account must be completed and our rules and policies must be read and accepted online (through our iClassPro parent portal) prior to your student(s) participation in any Team Central program or special activity.
AutoPay: Our system that is efficient for the company by allowing payments for classes to be received in a timely manner. We have taken specific steps in ensuring that our online Gateway allows for secure entering of our customer's credit card. Our customers can update their card at any time online OR can call in and give our office personnel the updated information. (please read our general policies for more information). Once you have paid your initial registration fee and first month's tuition. AutoPay will begin the last business day of the following month of enrollment.
Card on File: We MUST have a card on file, but if the customer feels strongly that they do not want their card charged on the last business day of the month, they will have the option of paying with cash or check BEFORE the last business day of the month. The card on file WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED if payment is not received.
Cancellation of class enrollment: Customers are required to notify us in writing by the 15th of the previous month if they will not be continuing. This ensures we are able to offer another student a place in class. You may re-enroll anytime based on class opening availability.
Corrections/Refunds: If there are any changes that need to be made to the account (e.g. incorrect charge or a refund), our bookkeepers have the ability to correct any charges as necessary. However, since our records have a secure (encrypted) number only, the bookkeepers will need to call the customer for the full card number in order to make a change or refund. If will show up on your account within five business days.
Service Charge: A $25.00 fee will be applied for all returned checks. All accounts sent to our collection agency are subject to a $35.00 collection fee.
Yearly Registration Fees: This fee is due upon initial registration and on your anniversary date thereafter. The fee defrays administrative costs, sales tax required by law, and covers portion of our liability insurance cost. Good for 12 months.

Pricing-May 2019:
Individual Registration Fee     $45.00
Family Registration Fee            $61.00

Family Discount: Multi-sibling discount is set up so only the first child pays full price, 2nd child receives 20% off, 3rd child receives 30% off and 4th child receives 50% off.
Multiple Class/Program Discount: If a student participates in multiple programs (i.e. Ninja/ Gymnastics; Gymnastics/Flipz, etc.), he or she will receive a discount on the second class or program.

Tuition Credit: Parents have the opportunity to earn tuition credit when they help us obtain business sponsors. Click here for details. 

Summer Class Flex Program: We will offer our flex plan up to two weeks pro-rated tuition for Vacation purposes. Please notify us of any vacation dates at the time of registration. Only valid in June and July. Must set up prior to June 1st to qualify. 

Team Central Gymnastic Academy of Maryland Heights, MO, is a place for kids to learn not only gymnastic, ninja, and/ or tumbling skills; but hard work, dedication to a sport, listening skills, teamwork, and virtues that will help them in all aspects of life. Academy Classes are once a week (typically 50 minutes long, billed monthly. Some students may want to do an 80 minute class or come more than once a week. 

Get active with our other events and special activities

  1. Keep kids active
  2. Introduce them to a new sport
  3. Learn valuable lessons in taking turns and listening skills needed for life
  4. Work on motor skills, body strength, and flexibility
  5. They have an interest in gymnastics, tumbling or ninja.
  • Open Gym
  • Kids Night Out 
  • Daytime Playtime
  • Clinics
  •  Spring Performance
  • ​National Gymnastics Day
  • ​Cardinal Performance

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