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Welcome to the far-out world of Flipz! This tumbling and trampoline program teaches children how to get airborne and LEAVE THE FLOOR BEHIND! Girls and boys, ages 1st grade to 18 years, are welcomed into Flipz classes regardless of past experience. When your child starts a Flipz! class, he or she will work closely with certified professionals to assure their safety and placement into the class level where he or she will best succeed. We will communicate closely with both you and your child to make sure they’re having fun and progressing throughout our class levels. Tumbling and trampoline is a year-round sport and children may enroll in classes at any time of the year.  Flipz! classes are also a great way to cross-train and improve skills for gymnastics, ninja, cheerleading, and many other sports.

We have an exciting, end-of-year spring performance where students are able to showcase the skills they have learned to family and friends.

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Level 1 Beginner Tumbling
No experience necessary. This class is for new students and students still mastering the basics of tumbling. Children will learn dozens of skills to start them on their journey to leaving the floor behind.

Skills to be learned are basic body positions, forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and bridges.

Level 1 Advanced Tumbling
The next step towards tumbling greatness! Here students will continue to build body strength and awareness necessary for handsprings. Students must first master handstand and cartwheel to qualify for Level 1 Advanced.

Skills to be learned are handstand forward rolls, bridges, limbers, walkovers, round-offs, and skill combinations.

Handspring 101 (Level 2 Beginner)
Get ready to jump! In this class students are introduced to skills that involve jumping and being airborne. Skills in this class will establish strong technique needed to perform front and back handsprings, and students will continue to refine and develop their basic tumbling skills. Students must first be able to support body weight on hands, master cartwheels and back walkovers or limbers to qualify for Handspring 101.

Skills to be learned are advanced round-offs, standing back handsprings, and front handsprings, while continuing to refine basic skills and increasing strength and flexibility.

Handspring 102 (Level 2 Advanced)
This is where things really start moving! In this class students will work on perfecting tumbling passes and connecting multiple skills. Students must be able to do standing back handsprings to qualify for Handspring 102.

Skills to be learned are punch fronts, round-off back handsprings, front handsprings, and flysprings.

Private Lessons
Some students enjoy focusing on the challenge of new skills. Private lessons are a wonderful way for your child to work on specific skills that are needed for advancement on a one-on-one basis. Our professional staff has worked hard in gaining the knowledge and skill sets necessary to instruct in such a way that can be valuable to the students are who are eager to learn more. If you are interested in Private Lessons, please contact one of our locations.


Flipz offers affordable skill clinics each session to give children interested in tumbling the opportunity to try, and to give children already tumbling the opportunity to improve their skills. These are especially great for cheerleaders and gymnasts! Clinic dates vary and are announced on the website and Facebook page. 

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Why do kids just want tumbling classes?

First Grade and up:

Children get to be in these instructional classes based on their individual skill. 


Flipz Tumbling

-Girls and Boys

Children may always choose to stay in gymnastic classes for recreational instruction. Many times they want to work on specific tumbling skills. Some children want to move on to cheerleading or just enjoy tumbling. Some kids just want to learn to do cartwheels and flips. Other kids enjoy the tumbling floor and trampoline over the bars and beams. So no matter the reason, we want to make sure that we have a place for all needs.