2018 Excel Regional Championships

All athletes who placed in top 3 at 2018 Regional 4 Xcel Championships

Athletes have the chance to place in 5 categories: Floor, Vault, Beam, Bars, and All Around (overall scoring)

This was Team Central's first year at Xcel Regionals. Great job to all 27 girls who competed at Regionals.
We are proud to announce Team Central had 9 Regional Champions. 

Xcel Bronze

Rileigh Coats-Floor Champion

Sophia Lucchesi- 2nd on Floor

Sophia Lucchesi- 3rd on Beam

Madelyn Folkert-3rd on Floor

Jayla Melton-3rd on Floor

Xcel Silver

Rylee Brawner-All Around Champion

Rylee Brawner-Beam Champion

Rylee Brawner-2nd on Bars

Rylee Brawner-3rd on Floor

Samara Wolkowitz-All Around Champion

Samara Wolkowitz-2nd on Vault

Samara Wolkowitz-2nd on Floor

Samara Wolkowitz-3rd on Beam

Sydney Landers-Floor Champion

Olivia Peebles-Floor Champion

Maya Viviano-Floor Champion

Hope Orlowski-2nd All Around

Hope Orlowski-3rd on Vault

Hope Orlowski-3rd on Bars

Lillian Zigaitis-2nd on Floor

Sammie Eaton-2nd on Floor

Sammie Eaton-3rd All Around

​​USAG Xcel Competitive Girl's Team

The Xcel Team at Team Central Gymnastics Academy is a USA Gymnastics designed program which offers a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program (JO) and is designed for a diverse group of athletes, with varying ages and abilities. It's also a fun competitive experience in that gymnasts can slightly vary routines and compete to different songs. For more questions please contact our Xcel Director and Head Coach, Jennifer Anderson, at jennifer@teamcentral.org or call Team Central at (314) 291-0101 to set up a trial or evaluation.

Xcel Gold

Pamela McFowland-Vault Champion

Pamela McFowland-2nd on Beam

Pamela McFowland-3rd on Floor

Pamela McFowland-3rd on All Around

Taylor Marchesi-2nd on Floor

Janiya Cato-3rd on Vault

Xcel Platinum

Jasmine Sistrunk-Vault Champion

Jasmine Sistrunk-3rd on Floor

Kaylie Lineback-2nd on Floor

Kaylie Lineback-3rd on Vault

Parents can follow us on our own Xcel Page for Facebook

· We will compete USA Gymnastics Xcel Gymnastics Competitions at the Bronze, Silver,  Gold, and Platinum Divisions for the upcoming season
· Xcel has 5 Divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond
· Skills will continue to be taught progressively within the divisions.
· Xcel Divisions are broad and cannot be compared to a specific JO Level, since gymnasts may be competing routines with varying skills, and showcasing their best skills in their routines. 
· JO Level music will not be used. Other varieties & styles of music will be used.