We also have Kids Night Out, Clinics, Open Gym times, Day Camps and Field Trips to keep kids active. Open to the public.

Become a member and let your children learn about a gymnastics, ninja, and tumbling with our many classes.

Save the date: January 13th. Bring in two can goods or more and you will get a free Open Gym or pay normal $6 and we will donate it to Loaves & Fishes, a local pantry. 

Instructional Classes

Team Central Gymnastic Academy is dedicated to providing every opportunity to develop dreams into reality...
We are committed to positively influencing the life of every child and creating a world-class gymnastics organization.

Events/ Special Activities

Upcoming Activities

Winter Break School Closing Day Camps

Times: 8a-5p

Ages: 5-12 years

We need a minimum of 8 students to run. 

Tentative dates are: 

November 22

December 26-29

January 2-3

January 15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day

February 19 President's Day

March 19-23 Ladue Spring Break

March 26-30 Parkway/ Pattonville Spring Break

Call to reserve your child's spot now!Read more.

Food Drive Open Gym

Kid's Night Out

Competitive Gymnastics

Keeps kids active while parents get a night out. Once a month from 6-10pm.

open to the public

We are a USA Gymnastics club where children at various levels can compete.


11/18 Cardinal Power Kids Open Gym (for children with developmental delays and physical challenges) 8-8:50a
11/18 Open Gym 1st grade and up 12:10-1p
11/21 Adult Open Gym 18+ 8:30-9:50p

11/22 School Closing Day camp 5-12 8a-5p
11/22 Teen Open Gym 13+ 8:30-9:50p

11/23 Happy Thanksgiving-We're CLOSED!

11/25 Cardinal Power Kids Open Gym (for children with developmental delays and physical challenges) 8-8:50a
11/25 Open Gym 1st grade and up 12:10-1p

11/25 Tumble Bee Open Gym 3-6 12:10-1p

11/25 Ninja Clinic Theme-leg workout 4-teens 1:30-2:30p
11/28 Adult Open Gym 18+ 8:30-9:50p
11/29 Teen Open Gym 13+ 8:30-9:50p

12/2 Kids Night Out 3-12 6-10p Ninja Themed

12/10 Winter Ninja Competition 6-18 12:30p-??

12/10 Winter Ninja Fun Run 4-18 11-12:30p

12/23 Starts Academy Class break

​12/26-29 School Closing Day camp 5-12 8a-5p

​1/2-3 School Closing Day camp 5-12 8a-5p

  Happy - Healthy - Confident Kids

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