Summer Camps

Never been here before? We would like to GIFT you a free trial class for your child(ren) to try out a gymnastics, tumbling or ninja class to see if this is a good fit for your fitness plans. 

We also have Kids Night Out, Clinics, Open Gym times, Day Camps and Field Trips to keep kids active. Open to the public.

field trips

60 minutes or 90 minutes

Ages: Preschool, School-age, or both if enough kids.

We need a minimum of 8 students to run. Tentative dates are: Scheduling for summer now.  Great for summer camp programs, moms groups, girl scouts, boy scouts, or any group of children. ​Field trips are normally during the day Monday-Friday. 

Anyone at our field trips, please tag #TCFieldTrips. Call and ask for Ryden to schedule your group's adventure  at 314-291-0101 Read more.

Great fun themes each week for our summer camp program. It is so flexible, you can come all week or just the days you want this summer. Sign up before April 25th and save 10% off any full weeks of camp. 

Enjoy working with children and have an upbeat personality? We are hiring for summer camps and training for fall classes instructors. 


4/16              Adult Open Gym                                      8:30-9:50 pm        $8         18 and up
4/17              Teen Open Gym                                       8:30-9:50 pm        $8         13 and up

4/20              School-Age Open Gym                            1:10-2 pm              $6         1st grade and up 

4/20              Girls Gymnastics - Beam Skills Clinic    2:15-3:15pm         $10       1st grade and up

4/23              Adult Open Gym                                      8:30-9:50 pm        $8         18 and up
4/24              Teen Open Gym                                       8:30-9:50 pm        $8         13 and up

4/27              School-Age Open Gym                            1:10-2 pm              $6         1st grade and up

4/30              Adult Open Gym                                      8:30-9:50 pm        $8         18 and up
5/1                Teen Open Gym                                       8:30-9:50 pm        $8         13 and up 

​5/4                Kids Night Out                                         6-10 pm                 $22       3-12 years 

5/7                Adult Open Gym                                      8:30-9:50 pm        $8         18 and up
5/8                Teen Open Gym                                       8:30-9:50 pm        $8         13 and up

5/11              School-Age Open Gym                            1:10-2 pm              $6         1st grade and up  

5/14              Adult Open Gym                                      8:30-9:50 pm        $8         18 and up
5/15              Teen Open Gym                                       8:30-9:50 pm        $8         13 and up 

5/18              School-Age Open Gym                            1:10-2 pm              $6         1st grade and up

5/21              Last day of spring classes...make sure to RE-SIGN up for Summer to ensure your child's

                        spot in classes for June and July. Ask about Flex Schedule if you know you will be out of

                        town for vacations

5/21              Adult Open Gym                                      8:30-9:50 pm        $8         18 and up
5/22              Teen Open Gym                                       8:30-9:50 pm        $8         13 and up 

5/25              School-Age Open Gym                            1:10-2 pm              $6         1st grade and up

5/28              Adult Open Gym                                      8:30-9:50 pm        $8         18 and up
5/29              Teen Open Gym                                       8:30-9:50 pm        $8         13 and up 

4/27              School-Age Open Gym                            1:10-2 pm              $6         1st grade and up

6/3                Summer Camp starts M-F 8-5pm, come one day or all week, save 10% if you sign up by                             April 25 

6/3                Summer Classes start, all parents members and non-members must re-sign up for         

                       summer to reserve your child's spot. Some times have changed. Evaluations will be                                   handed out the week of April 22-27 for KinderBees, Girls/Boys Gymnastics,

                       Flipz, and Ninjas

6/3-7             Summer Camp-It's a Jungle Out There 
6/10-14         Summer Camp-Aloha Summer
6/17-21         Summer Camp-Ninja
6/24-28         Summer Camp-American Girl Doll/ Action Figures   
7/1-3              Summer Camp-Wacky Weird Science
7/8-12            Summer Camp-Under The Big Top
7/15-19          Summer Camp-Sports Unlimited
7/22-26          Summer Camp-Ninja
7/29-8/2        Summer Camp-Hometown Heroes 
8/5-9              Summer Camp-Myth Busters/ Game Show Mania 

Become a member and let your children learn about a gymnastics, ninja, and tumbling with our classes.

  Happy - Healthy - Confident Kids

Sign up for:

Spring Performance, summer classes and summer camp

     Classes & Open Gym times

Competitive Gymnastics

For summer, our Saturday open gym will go back to 12:10-1:20pm 

There will be a new Advanced Beginner's class starting at 12:15-1:05p on Saturday afternoons. Currently, there will only be 2-4 classes run at this time. Great for parking ease.

Instructional Classes

Support our mission!

open to the public

For active kids!

We are a USA Gymnastics club where children at various levels can compete.

Team Central Gymnastic Academy is dedicated to providing every opportunity to develop dreams into reality...
We are committed to positively influencing the life of every child and creating a world-class gymnastics organization.

FREE Trial Class

Party at Team Central

Events/ Special Activities

We have a great place to have a party. The lobby transforms into a party room. Children have fun gymnastics and ninja activities to help kids have a fun time with sports they might not be involved with. Suggested minimum age is 3 years old. 

Party start times are: 

Saturday 4:30pm start time (not of 1st Saturday of the month, for April/ May)

Saturday 3:30pm-start time (beginning in June)

Saturday 6:30pm-start time (beginning in June, not the first Saturday of the month
Sunday 10:30am start time
Sunday 1:30pm start time
Sunday 4:30pm start time

Great for birthdays parties, end of the year scout parties, end of season sports teams, and private groups. 

Upcoming Activities